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I can probably use these as scrpits, since they’re already in that format. Oh well, sorry for the long read and enjoy a conversation between a mother and her daughter.

*Afternoon, sitting at the kitchen table in the Groundz store/house*

Daphne:There’s my little lizard, how are you my dear!

D.G:I’m fine mom. Why are you and dad here anyway? Don’t you guys have stuff to do.

Daphne: Now D.G, We’re never too busy to check on our girls. You act as if we never talk.

D.G:…whenever we do, you tend to ask if I’m sleeping with someone.

Daphne: That’s just me being a mother. Stop being such a teen prude. I only ask out of curiosity.

D.G: That doesn’t solve the awkward part.

Daphne: Well that’s a personal problem now isn’t it. Nothing I can do about that, except stop asking and we both know that isn’t going to happen. *grins*

D.G: *sighs and rubs her eyes* Fine. What do you want to talk about then, mah?

Daphne: Oh, the usual.

D.G: *groans* Look, I’m not sleeping with anyone at the moment ok?

Daphne: Aw, why not.

D.G: Because I’m not always horny like you are, apparently.

Daphne: Now Deeg, be honest. You can not, for a second, think I’m gullible enough to think you aren’t at least getting a little action on the side. Doesn’t even have to be sex, just something to….”cool your jets” every now and again. You’re only human, quite a beautiful at that.

D.G: *blush* I know that. Fine, I might have let that part timer you see around here rub my back a few times.

Daphne: Oh, the one with the glasses? Hm. He seems a little normal, but nice. That’s always good.

D.G: Yeah, Kevin is a real sweat heart. He always likes doing stuff for me, even if I don’t give him anything in return. Feel kinda bad so I usually do anyway.

Daphne: Liiiiiike? *grins and rubs D.Gs’ shoulders*

D.G: *rolls her eyes and pushes her away* Mom, please. We’re just close friends. We have fun every now and then but we aren’t an item.

Daphne: Fun you say, oh do tell! *rests her chin in her hands and wags her tail*

D.G: *rolls her eyes again* Geez. If you must know, I’ve let him rub oil on my back once or twice and maybe…a fondle here and there.

Daphne: *snickers and pokes her daughters cheeks* I knew it!

D.G: *blushes and waves her hand away* I didn’t say I never had fun. I’m just not one to “kiss and tell”, especially to my mother. Besides, Kev is a sweet guy so I figured there’s no harm.

Daphne: Heheheheeee. Well that’s one male, what about the rest?

D.G: Pardon?

Daphne: Oh come now D. You work with three other males, four if you count the ghost dog. You mean to tell me that you haven’t had some fun with them either?

D.G: *sighs and leans on her hand* Duo is cute, but I’m gonna set him up with someone I know. Bass is virtually a shut in and I think he has someone. I’ve heard him talking on the phone and laughing, he rarely does that so I know something is up. And Loch….

Daphne: The tall fluffy one right?

D.G: Yeah, well. I don’t know. We’ve had our moments but we don’t really talk about it much. We just get along well and hang out a lot. He’s pretty good at controlling himself. While the likes of Duo and Kev pass out from the mere thought of me naked, he just shrugs and keeps doing his work. He’s interesting like that.

Daphne: Heh, sounds like he knows how to balance work and play. So you got two guys pining for you.

D.G: Not really. Well…ugh, I don’t know. Can we talk about something else now?

Daphne: Oh don’t get so flustered, girl. You’ll find your guy one day, maybe already have. Aww, I remember the day I met your father. Heh, I was about to eat him to be honest. Barbecued mole is quite the delicacy.


Daphne: Oh calm down, dear. I obviously didn’t. We’re animals, we eat each other. Not my fault I’m at the top of the food chain and he isn’t.

D.G:….you….you were gonna EAT, eat dad?

Daphne: *pats her head* Yes, yes, dear. Now forget that. I thought he was peeping on me while me and some friends skinny dipped in a lake we frequented so I tackled him and was ready to burn him to a golden brown. After he explained that he was just running an errand and thought he heard screaming, I let him go. Heh, he was no charmer, but he had balls I’ll tell you that much. *wink*

D.G: Oh god, please stop. *slams head on the table*

Daphne: HAHAAAAAAA, I’m just pulling your chain. I swear, you’re so easy. Your sister has far better nerves than you. Anyway, what I meant was that he asked me out a few days later. We ran into each other a lot on that road and we always ended up in the middle of the night because we couldn’t stop talking.

D.G: Heh.

Daphne: After while, we got married and…well here we are.

D.G: That’s sweet, mah.

Daphne: Yeah, he’s a keeper. Heh, not to mention he’s really good at….

D.G: Ok, that’s enough. I’m going back to work. *gets up and walks away*

Daphne: Aww, and we were doing so well. Was just gonna say he’s good at swimming….and sex. *laughs*


An idea a friend of mine gave me a long time ago and I’ve decided to just sketch out (Man I love my tablet).

D.Gs’ and D.Js’ parents, everyone. Daphne and William G. Their mom divorced their dad and eventually remarried. She had D.J during that marriage and D.G was “in the oven” when she remarried. The girls are fond of their new father and could care less about their biological one. Both have said they’d beat the tar outta him if he ever decided to show up again.

Daphne: My how my girls have grown. So, does my cute little daughter have someone squeezing those melons I was gracious enough to give her, hmmm?

D.G: THE HELL, MOM? What kinda question is that? Geez, I swear your the reason why I’m a bit perverted.

Daphne:Oh come on my bouncy daughter, no need to be shy? Is it that raccoon guy you work for. Ooooh I bet he’d be so good in bed, all soft, fluffy, and in tune with your needs. Ooooh, please tell me? Is he, is he? I knew it! Do you let him…ya know, to your tits? I bet you do and it just drives you crazy, it is one of your favorite spots still, right? I remember when you were younger and I caught you….

D.G:OH MY GOD, SHUT UP MAH! BLOODY HELL, WHY WOULD YOU…GOD. I….I won’t be able to show my face at the store for weeks.

D.J & William:…….

Yeah, she’s one of those moms. But she means well.



About time. I’m pretty sure I know what you’re thinking and no. If you want these tits, you’re gonna have to work your ass off for em. My mom always did say “If one isn’t endowed in the rear, they’re endowed in the front”. Guess I got the “front” while my sister got the “rear”. Heh, it’s a nice rear too, you know. So firm and soft to the touch, oh wait. You don’t, sorry.

I’m also not afraid to horribly burn and or mutilate someone who thinks they can cope a feel without my permission or consequence. My sister is far worse…well I guess it depends. Do you prefer to have horrible burn wounds or several broken limbs. Anywho…well I guess that’s it.

Ogle away, peasants.

This one has been sitting on the back burner for A WHILE. But it’s finished and I must say that this pic has made me really hate drawing boobs. Took like half an hour to get them to the state they’re in now, blargh.

Just now noticed that her boobs are a bit larger than they should be. That was not intentional, but I’m far too tired to go back and fix them. Especially since they took so long to make.

Anyway. D.G is mine, blah, blah, blah.


I’ve plagued you with enough D.G, for the moment. How about I toss in a few pics of her sister, D.J. Obviously, she isn’t as well endowed in the breast department as her sister. But it’s like what their mom used to say, “If you get two girls, one is blessed up top while the other is blessed down low.”, to which the girls just face palm.

She obviously is not one to be trifled with, either. A lot stronger than her sister and won’t hesitate to break many of your bones if you decide to say something that annoys her.



Sometimes when you’re bored, you draw things. That’s the only way I can explain this pic. A friend of mine, and a huge fan of D.G, proposed I draw her in a certain pose that someone drew Renamon in. He’s a good friend, so I decided to be nice.

*Straightens Tie*

Boredom is one hell of a drug. She is also open for questions, feel free to pester her or any of my characters I’ve posted. Lets see if we can do something about my boredom.


More Bowser jr love. Probably be a bit more obvious if I colored it.

*Straightens Tie*

Oh, well.